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Although it is tedious, any professional with some experience can prepare bankruptcy documents. But just because anyone can prepare a bankruptcy does not mean that anyone should prepare yours. For most professionals, and that includes attys, preparing a successful bankruptcy can be full of headaches.

"I even saw one attorney apologize for how he filled out his client's petition (that person was told to return to ANOTHER meeting with properly filled out forms."

On the less severe side, the court clerks often reject the documents for one reason or the other, throwing the person into a seemingly endless cycle of fixes and rejections. This is more of a nuisance than anything serious because it can be fixed, howbeit after several frustrating retries. The more serious problem is when a bankruptcy has been successfully filed, only to end up with the case dismissed entirely or the court refusing to discharge a significant portion of the debt.

This is where experience makes all the difference. With more than 20 years experience, we can do more than just prepare your bankruptcy documents. We take full responsibility for your getting the discharge, not just getting the documents accepted for filing like others do. Filing your bankruptcy successfully is a good objective but it does not go far enough. The point of filing bankruptcy is not just to file it. It is to discharge the debts and become truly debt-free.


What an awesome service you provide.

I really appreciate all your fine work and help. One thing I am confused on after I got back, reviewed and double checked everything. It is on schedule G - listed as Manifest funding services. I no longer want to retain this creditor. Can I just surrender the property to them? Thanks for your help. Patty S.

- Patty S., Las Vegas, NV

Just to make sure you understand us, we will prepare everything that you need for a successful bankruptcy, and we will guarantee you your discharge or your full money back. This is the iron-clad guarantee. This is the way we do things...straight up. Others guarantee that you can file your bankruptcy but we guarantee that the bankruptcy will work for you.

We are often asked how we can guarantee what we have no control over. Let us say that a client mistakenly gives us inaccurate information, for example, enters $5,000 for a debt instead of $50,000. If that mistake goes undetected by us and results in less than the full discharge of the $50,000 debt, we will do whatever it takes to fix the problem and get the full $50,000 discharged or refund the full amount. This means that when you hire us, you know that we are behind you all the way, not just until you file the documents.

"Very Impressed"

"I'm very impressed with your level of expertise and customer service."

In fact, I am writing an ebook about my online bankruptcy experiences to share with the world.

- Mae S., Okmulgee, OK

Bankruptcy attys do not guarantee the discharge, so why do we guarantee it? We guarantee your discharge, not just your successful filing, because after more than 75,000 cases, we know bankruptcy inside out. We know exactly what the courts and trustees are looking for and we know exactly how to get your full discharge the first time.

When you hire us to prepare your bankruptcy, you know that you are dealing with real people who have prepared tens of thousands of cases. You get end-to-end service from people who care. It is this personal attention to details that makes all the difference. But this is not the only way you can go about having your bankruptcy prepared.


I just wanted to start out by saying...

How awesome your service was for my wife and I.

We did everything you asked of us and everything went very smooth.
Our BR was finalized a little over a month ago. I need to know if this system works as well for people living in Oklahoma? My sister really needs help from your system as well. Thanks for any input that you can give. Scott & Carrie. PS: We're so glad that we listened to you instead of everyone else about the student loans and back taxes because they were both written off. Thanks again.

- Scott, Klamath Falls, OR

Because of the high cost of attys, some people turn to risky approaches such as bankruptcy software. Preparing your own bankruptcy using software is not appropriate for first -time filers since it is only a tool and cannot take into consideration your unique needs. If you are likely to screw up your bankruptcy using paper forms, you are equally likely to ruin it using software.

If you are going to use software, then know upfront what you are paying for. In the industry, everyone knows that using an attorney or using real live bankruptcy experts such as Majestic Bankruptcy, is by far the preferred way to go and that software is the last resort if you cannot afford anything better. Because of this, a few software vendors hide the fact that they are selling software in their small print. To find the truth, when you get to a web site, do a Ctrl-Fto bring up the search dialog box and then search for the word "software". When you find it, read what it has to say.

You will find that many sites masquerading as bankruptcy services, are selling only software, but they want you to think that it is more. You have to do a search for the word "software" because they bury it in the small print.

It is okay to use software if you have no other choice, but some charge as much as two hundred dollars for just software. Software should be labeled as software, right in the site's title and it should cost no more than about a hundred dollars and change. On the other end, any software costing less than sixty dollars is more likely a word processor template and not actual software. Templates masquerading as software is another gimmick since they are the same forms that you can download from the court's site for free. (If you want a rundown of the various types of bankruptcy choices, visit Bankruptcy Reviews )

You deliver what you promise.

My papers were accepted by the court. My Trustees Meeting was today. It lasted about 10 minutes. No creditors were there. Trustee asked if you gave legal advice. I said no. He also commented on how nicely done the papers were and asked for the name of your website! Thank you for providing a good product.

- Stu J., Fort Wayne, IN

We will prepare every document that you will need for a successful bankruptcy filing, including:

The Petition,
All the schedules from A to J,
The means test forms,
All the statements,
And more.

We do not set a limit on the number of creditors that you can file on. Listing many creditors creates more work for us but we are up to it. You pay the same whether you have 2 creditors or 200 creditors. This comes in handy when you have a lot of collection companies trying to collect the same debt. You can list all of them knowing that they cannot continue to bother you after you have filed.

You can file by yourself or you can file jointly with your spouse at no additional cost. Your spouse is included for free.

Also, you can make as many changes to your information as you like and even after you have filed them with the court, you are allowed by the court to add more creditors or modify what you have already filed.

Our documents include the means test which we also guarantee. You do not need to take a means test at some other site to see if you qualify.

When you file bankruptcy, you are allowed to keep certain of your assets and for most people, it encompasses all that you own. When you use a good bankruptcy attorney or the services of bankruptcy experts such as our company, you need not worry about giving up anything. This is because we understand the practical aspects of how the system works better than most. The exemptions may say that you are allowed to keep only one car but using the techniques in The Labyrinth, you can legally keep three or four or even more cars. This is why we have never had any client lose any asset that they wanted to keep.


When Exemptions Run Out, Keep 4 or 5 Cars
And More Without Exemptions.

The Labyrinth shows you how


If you prepare your own bankruptcy or use software, you risk having to let go some of your priced possessions and you might not know it until it is too late. This is because most do-it-yourselfers rely only on exemptions to protect their assets. They do not know how famous people, with the help of good bankruptcy lawyers, are able to file bankruptcy and still keep the expensive houses and boats. We do.

It is all legal but unless you know how it is done, you will not be able to do it. They do not teach this in law school and it cannot be found in manuals or software. It comes only from decades of experience, working with clients in all sorts of situations. When you sign up with us, we require you to agree not to disclose the special methods you will learn from The Labyrinth, in the course of our working for you.

I went to my trustee hearing this week, and...

Everything went smoothly as you said it would

- Audrey D., Anniston, AL

If you want to keep a financed car or house and continue making payments, you can enter into a reaffirmation agreement with the specific creditor and you will be glad to know that we provide reaffirmation agreements at no extra charge. That is one more way that we support you even after our work is finished. In some cases, you can keep the secured property without making any payments and without signing a reaffirmation agreement. These are some of the techniques that are covered in The Labyrinth.

Although it is not recommended, many people prefer to keep a credit card for which they have a low balance after bankruptcy. If you do not go about it the right way, filing bankruptcy will destroy all your credit cards instantly. If you want a credit card to survive bankruptcy, we provide you the necessary steps to accomplish it and we do it at no extra cost. It is an all inclusive service..

If you cannot afford to pay the court filing fee, we can prepare the necessary paperwork to have the court waive it and we will do it at no extra cost to you. That in its self could save you more than the cost of our service.

"Fee Waiver"

I just wanted to say thank you! I cannot BELIEVE how easy this was!

I even got the waiver of the filing fee and did it all by mail!

My creditor meeting is May 22! LIGHTENING FAST! I have recommended you to a couple of friends! THANK YOU!!! PC of Virginia

- P.C., Harrisonburg, VA

We have pulled out all the stops and now we are going to reveal to you the most guarded secrets of the bankruptcy and credit system.

The biggest reason why every single person in America who is under the burden of debt does not file bankruptcy is because of fear, fear of ruining their credit for the rest of their lives. It is like the so called "mutual assured destruction" that has kept the superpowers from going to war with each other. One superpower will gladly fight a third rate country but they dare not take on another superpower because they fear that it could mean their own destruction. The credit industry, with the help of bank-friendly laws, uses similar scare tactics to keep people from filing bankruptcy.

They say that if you file bankruptcy, you will nuke your credit for 10 years or for the remainder of your life, which ever comes last. But what if that is not true?

Which of these six statements do you think is true? (A) If you file bankruptcy, it will stay on your credit for 10 years; (B) If you file bankruptcy it will not even show up on your credit report in the first place; (C) If you file bankruptcy it will show up on your report but you can have it erased off your credit in just 12 months; (D) If you have horrible credit today, you can file bankruptcy as a means to establish the best credit you ever had; (E) None of the above, or (F) All of the above.

Surprisingly, the correct answer is all of the above or more accurately, the choice is entirely up to you, provided you use us for your bankruptcy. The key is knowing how it is done and this knowledge is not in the bankruptcy code, and they do not teach it in law school.


Hi, I completed my bankruptcy through your service and...

It was fantastic, Absolutely Everything you guarantee!

Thank you so much. I now need the information on getting the Bankruptcy taken off of your report {...}. Could you please help me with this. Thanks. Janice M

- Janice M. Boise, ID

In fact even the few lawyers how know how it is done dare not overuse it or use it too brazenly, lest they draw the ire of the bankruptcy trustees and judges. But you need not worry about that since this is a one-time event for you.

If you use an attorney or any other bankruptcy web site, your bankruptcy will be reported to all credit bureaus and it will stay on your report for 10 years. On the other hand, if you file your bankruptcy with us, you can either choose to not have the bankruptcy reported to the credit bureaus in the first place, or you can have it removed in just 12 months and in the process, establish the best credit you have ever had.

How is any of this possible? First the law does not instruct the credit bureaus to report bankruptcy for 10 years but rather it limits them from reporting it past 10 years. Secondly, the credit bureaus have a specific process by which they scan the court registers in order to discover who has filed bankruptcy. By knowing that process, you can stay one step ahead of them and prevent them from picking up your bankruptcy filing in the first place, if that is indeed what you want them to do.

On the other hand, you can deliberately have them report your bankruptcy filing and then use the bankruptcy as a magnet to pull all of your bad credit into one category in the credit bureau databases, which can be readily purged off your credit. This way, the bankruptcy comes off and all the bad credit comes off with it in one step.

"Perfect credit"

Job well done

I wanted to be added to your list of satisfied customers.

My unfortunate bankruptcy went thru just as you stated and was all down as required by law. Great job with papers and instructions. I got my discharge papers today. My bankruptcy was thanks to chase raise in minimum payment. {Had} perfect credit history but could not make the new required 5% minimum payment increase, but thank you for a job well done.

I am now using the info on your site to rebuild my credit and one by one, the derogs are coming off and my goal of a perfect credit is getting closer.

- Pete O, South Bend, IN

Our biggest achievement is not only that we prepare great bankruptcy filings or that we make the process as smooth as silk. It is that through our inside knowledge of the system, we help our clients recover marvelously from the impact of bankruptcy.

Protecting and improving your credit through bankruptcy is only a small part of our enormous reservoir of well-guarded bankruptcy secrets that we call, The Labyrinth. The Labyrinth covers such areas as, using more than just exemptions to protect your property; how to keep all of your cars no matter how many the exemptions limits you to; how to throw off the creditors from coming after your spouse even if you are the only one who files; how to discharge certain secured debts and still keep the collateral, without reaffirming; how to use the switchback technique to keep secured property without paying for it; what to do if you have maxed out your credit card; using bankruptcy to your advantage in the unfortunate event of a divorce, and much more.

Everything you have read so far about The Labyrinth is just icing on the cake. If you decide to use our services, do not base it on the many smart and powerful things that you can do with our help. Base it on our core service, preparing great bankruptcies.

Find out more..

Actual Results - View actual results of debts discharged

How It Works - See all the steps to a successful bankruptcy

How much do we charge to prepare your bankruptcy? If we charged $500 it would be modest compared to attys who charge as much as $2,000, or other companies who charge comparably for just software. If you put it in perspective, it costs just a few more dollars than software, but look at all you get.

"How Perfect"

I didn't have a question, I just want to thank you for all your work with my bankruptcy papers.

I filed with the court today and was complimented on how perfect everything was.

The clerk told me that they rarely see documents completed so perfectly, as mine were, without them having been done by an attorney. So I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you have done to help me with my documents. I will recommend you to anyone needing this type of help. Thank you again. Sincerely, Jim C.

- Jim C., New Orleans, LA


Remember, you get access to the treasure-trove of bankruptcy know-how we call The Labyrinth; access to our ask-an-attorney network; access to help for purging your bankruptcy from your credit; flawless hands-on prepared bankruptcy documents; everything you need for a smooth bankruptcy filing, plus the guaranteed discharge of your debts. In short you get everything we have to offer for this low all-inclusive price.

If you need more time to make your mind, take it. Bankruptcy should not be rushed into. Just click here to bookmark this site so that you can find us again when you are ready since we do not always advertise.


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All Rights Reserved - MANAGED BANKRUPTCY

† Results vary and conditions apply. The Labyrinth is presented without warranty and is not an offer to perform or a promise of results. Before ordering, read the full Terms of Service agreement for details.



Court Filing Location Office Address: 1100 Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90010  
Texas Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
"It turned out to be one of the easiest and smoothest things I have ever done."
Jackie M., Los Angeles, CA

Amount discharged: $37,483.00
Number of creditors: 25
Reason: Credit cards, medical bills.
Discharge on: July 24th
Location: Central District, Los Angeles CA

Comments: "I got into debt when my husband took ill. It wiped out our savings and when I went from full time to part time, it was unbearable. We never thought we would file but now that it is over, I cannot imaging still living as we did. We can now stop and smell the roses...Thanks for being there when we needed you." - Jackie M. Los Angeles, CA

TEAM EFFORT Experience coupled with access to network of bankruptcy lawyers and professionals across America

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Plus attorneys access
You guys are awesome!
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw thw[sic] documents ready email. my 75 yr. old mom is breathing a small sigh of relief knowing i can get this done before my court appearance next week. - P.C., Harrisonburg, VA
THANK YOU!!! I filed bankruptcy papers less than a week ago, received the date for the creditors hearing already. must admit I was scared, but so much stress has been lifted from me more attorneys threatning[sic] me anymore!! have a few friends who will use your company now, wanted to wait until they saw how I made out..again..thanks so much for your help!! BA

- Belladonna, Gulfport, MS
I'm very impressed with your level of expertise and customer service here. In fact, I am writing an ebook about my online bankruptcy experiences to share with the world. Which brings me to my question for you, do you have an affiliate program here?

- Mae S., Okmulgee, OK
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Labyrinth to work for you.

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I filed my bankruptcy papers today and everything went smooth I have a sheriff's sale scheduled for Oct.5. I ask the clerk if filing stops the sale and she advised me to contact the attorneys on the forclosure[sic] case. I did and it went smooth. My question is do I need to contact all my creditors and let them know? Please let me know at your earliest convenienc[sic]. Thank you.

- Owen C., St. Louis, MO
I went to my trustee hearing this week, and everything went smoothly as you said it would I only need to get the information from you about repairing my credit after the discharge.

- Audrey D., Anniston, AL
I paid for you to do my bankruptcy papers. Everything went smoothly, even better than I thought.

- Abigail N., Columbia, SC
Hi, I used your site last year to file bankruptcy and just wanted to let you know that everything went smooth just like ya'll said . But now a friend wants to file and wanted to know if you covered the state of Arkansas. I thought it said that some states weren't covered but could not remember. Thank you , Chris W.

- Chris W., Albuquerque, NM
You deliver what you promise. My papers were accepted by the court. My Trustees Meeting was today. It lasted about 10 minutes. No creditors were there. Trustee asked if you gave legal advice. I said no. He also commented on how nicely done the papers were and asked for the name of your website! Thank you for providing a good product.

- Stu J., Fort Wayne, IN
i just wanted to email you and give some thanks for making the filing for bankruptcy much, much easier for me. i sent my completed forms in last week, and heard back today that my 341 meeting is set for 6 weeks from now, and that my fee has been waived, which was a great relief to me. i now can start looking forward to less worries about debts, and start working on the process of getting my finances back on track. thanks again!

- Tom A, Oktibbeha, MS
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