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What is the labyrinth? It is only the most powerful technique to neutralize the negative fallout of filing bankruptcy, plus a lot more. More on that in a moment but first...

Filing bankruptcy can be very easy or not so easy -- depending on who you use. Put 25 years experience to work for you. Let my team and I make your online bankruptcy filing as smooth as silk!


"We used your company 4 years ago and now unfortunately our daughter needs to file. Can you help her?

I must say that we have never encountered anything as awesome as your service on the internet.

We filed bk to come out of under crushing debt and you delievered everything you promised. but what happened after that was beyond our belief. We didn't think there was any way the bk was going to come off our credit no matter what your site said, but 6 months after the discharge my wife suggested we give it a try anyway.

We did as you said and 4 months into it...

Our bad credit began to fall off one after the other.

By the one year mark the bk itself came off our creditor. The day we found out was a day we will never forget. I was making a sandwich when I heared Jen screaming. I ran upstairs thinking that she was hurt and when I got there she was on the floor crying. She was holding up the latest credit report in her hand and kept say, it is all gone, it is all gone.

It was quite a shocker!

We both sat there and cried. We had gone from pure darkness to a whole new place we never imagined. Everything was always a hopeless struggle for us and now it wasn't. There is hardly a week that goes by that I do not look back at it with utter amazement and thanks. Is that still possible today or was it just a fluke? Can you help our daughter and her husband? Again, thanks!!!"

How do we get every bankruptcy approved?

EXPERIENCE Our founders have been in the bankruptcy filing business helping people get of debt since 1990, even before there was a public Internet. We have helped over 75,000 people get rid of more than $2.7 billion dollars in debt through online bankruptcy filing. Collectively, our bankruptcy professionals have more experience preparing online bankruptcies than any other United States bankruptcy preparation company. Experience makes it easy.

The rules says that you can stop creditors from telephoning you or writing you at any time even without filing bankruptcy by doing one simple thing. Are you aware of this?

Most people are not aware of this. In fact many online bankruptcy attorneys do not know this either. This is just one small example of our detailed knowledge of the ins and outs of consumer chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy and this is one thing we reveal in the Labyrinth. It will make your jaw drop when you find out how easy it is.

The Means Test

You can take a free means test before filing chapter 7 bankruptcy. In order to have your debts discharged in chapter 7, you are required to meet certain criteria embodied in a Means Test.

You can take the bankruptcy means test for free at:

Free Bankruptcy Means Test

ATTORNEY ACCESS Additionally, we have access to a network of dozens of online bankruptcy laws in every state, for those special cases where talking to an attorney is desired. If you have a bankruptcy question, you can ask a licensed bankruptcy attorney without the fear of being on the hook for thousands of dollars. Find out how this works by clicking on the "attorney Access" link in the left navigation area.

IMPROVE YOUR REPORT THROUGH ONLINE BANKRUPTCY Everybody knows that bankruptcy filing destroys credit but that is not true in every case. If you use our services, we will show you how you can use the filing of online bankruptcy to establish great credit, even better than the good credit you once had. It is all legal and has nothing to do with the dubious practice of creating a new file. Everything about you remains the same except your bad credit. We will even show you how to structure your filing so that you can remove the bankruptcy from your credit report soon after the chapter 7 discharge. This is way beyond do it yourself bankruptcy and this is only the tip of the iceberg and is part of our treasure trove of chapter 7 bankruptcy secrets we call The Labyrinth.

THE LABYRINTH In most things knowledge makes all the difference and nowhere is this more true than in the system of man-made rules we call chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy. Because these are man-made rules, they are full of loopholes and dead-ends. Here is an example.

Two couples with identical situations file chapter 7 bankruptcy. One couple eagerly signs a reaffirmation agreement with a creditor allowing them to keep an important piece of collateralized property and is thereby stuck with say, $12,000 in debts that they can never discharge. On the other hand, the other couple refuses to reaffirm the debt, keeps the collateral anyway and has the debt completely discharged.

Further, one couple has their chapter 7 bankruptcy ruin their credit for the next 10 to 12 years or even more and the other couple is able to use their chapter 7 bankruptcy as a tool to erase all their bad credit in just 12 months after filing.

When Bankruptcy Exemptions Run Out, Keep 4 or 5 Cars And More Without Exemptions.

Anyone including an attorney can prepare your online chapter 7 bankruptcy documents, but so few know what is outside the box. It is knowledge that makes the difference and more than any other chapter 7 consumer bankruptcy preparation business; this is what we bring to the table. When you become a customer, we will put at your disposal, chapter 7 bankruptcy knowledge that the powers-that-be would rather you did not know. It is part of a hidden reservoir of well-guarded online bankruptcy secrets known to only a small handful of online bankruptcy attorneys. Read more about this on the signup page.

Hover Here to Preview The Labyrinth

END-TO-END SERVICE We make dyi bankruptcy filing as smooth as silk, first by doing everything for you. If you were looking to have your car fixed, you would not hire a mechanic who would ask you to read a thick mechanic's manual to help diagnose the problem or who asked you to order the replacement parts yourself.

Unlike most, we do not ask you to read a do-it-yoursel bankruptcy book or download some instructions manual in order to help get your online chapter 7 bankruptcy filing done. If you have to read anything first, then the outcome of your chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy will depend on your expertise, which is little to none. We do everything for you from start to finish.

Everything went smoothly, even better than I thought.

- Abigail N., Columbia, SC

GUARANTEED These days you have to read the fine print to know exactly what you get in a warranty. The other day, one of our colleagues took in a kitchen faucet with a life-time warranty for replacement. When he got to the store, the manager called the manufacturer's rep who refused to honor the warranty because there were calcium deposits in the valve. Apparently, the fine print said that damage from hard water was not covered.

Our iron-clad bankruptcy guarantee says that you will get your full money back if you file online bankruptcy and do not get your debts discharged, period. It does not matter if it is your fault of if you gave us incorrect information.

PROVEN RESULTS We have been the dominant leader in providing affordable full-service online bankruptcy help to the American public for more than 20 years and as such, we have a lot to show for it. We have handled more than 75,000 bankruptcy cases, discharged more than $2.7 billion dollars in debt and helped more customers to get back on their feet.

Actual Debts Discharged last year alone: $325,000,000
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At this rate it would take 4 weeks to view all the debts we help our clients discharge last year alone.

Furthermore, using the online bankruptcy secrets in The Labyrinth, our clients are able to have their bankruptcy removed from their credit file in 12 months instead of 10 years. Yes, you can eat your cake and have it too. Find out more on the signup page.

OUR CLIENTS It is easy to talk about our expertise and about all our years of experience because they are statistical facts, but the most difficult part for us is talking to you about the private reflections of our past customer.

Many of them open their hearts and share their joy on how the simple act of doing our job has changed their lives. It is difficult because it touches the heart, not only ours but that of our customers. Helping our customers is more than mere business. It is a calling. Hear these words from Scott, Carrie and Jim and see if you do feel what we feel.

I just wanted to start out by saying...

How awesome your service was for my wife and I.

We did everything you asked of us and everything went very smooth.
Our BR was finalized a little over a month ago. I need to know if this system works as well for people living in Oklahoma? My sister really needs help from your system as well. Thanks for any input that you can give. Scott & Carrie.

PS: We're so glad that we listened to you instead of everyone else about the student loans and back taxes because they were both written off. Thanks again.

- Scott, Klamath Falls, OR

I didn't have a question, I just want to thank you for all your work with my bankruptcy papers. I filed with the court today and was complimented on how perfect everything was. The clerk told me that they rarely see documents completed so perfectly, as mine were, without them having been done by an attorney. So I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you have done to help me with my documents. I will recommend you to anyone needing this type of help. Thank you again. Sincerely, Jim C.

- Jim C., New Orleans, LA


If you are still unsure that your online bankruptcy filing is as straight forward as we say it is, you are not alone. Here is what Tim had to say. Except for privacy based omissions indicate by the curly {} brackets, we have included everything right down to spelling errors.

I just wanted to say thank you! I cannot BELIEVE how easy this was! I even got the waiver of the filing fee and did it all by mail! My trustee meeting is May 22! LIGHTENING FAST! I have recommended you to a couple of friends! THANK YOU!!! PC of Virginia

- P.C., Harrisonburg, VA
What is The Labyrinth?

And what exactly will we do for you? Click on the Sign-Up link below to find out.



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† Results vary and conditions apply. The Labyrinth is presented without warranty and is not an offer to perform or a promise of results. Before ordering, read the full Terms of Service agreement for details.



Court Filing Location Office Address: 1100 Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90010  
Texas Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
"It turned out to be one of the easiest and smoothest things I have ever done."
Jackie M., Los Angeles, CA

Amount discharged: $37,483.00
Number of creditors: 25
Reason: Credit cards, medical bills.
Discharge on: July 24th
Location: Central District, Los Angeles CA

Comments: "I got into debt when my husband took ill. It wiped out our savings and when I went from full time to part time, it was unbearable. We never thought we would file but now that it is over, I cannot imaging still living as we did. We can now stop and smell the roses...Thanks for being there when we needed you." - Jackie M. Los Angeles, CA

TEAM EFFORT Experience coupled with access to network of bankruptcy lawyers and professionals across America

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Plus attorneys access
You guys are awesome!
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw thw[sic] documents ready email. my 75 yr. old mom is breathing a small sigh of relief knowing i can get this done before my court appearance next week. - P.C., Harrisonburg, VA
THANK YOU!!! I filed bankruptcy papers less than a week ago, received the date for the creditors hearing already. must admit I was scared, but so much stress has been lifted from me more attorneys threatning[sic] me anymore!! have a few friends who will use your company now, wanted to wait until they saw how I made out..again..thanks so much for your help!! BA

- Belladonna, Gulfport, MS
I'm very impressed with your level of expertise and customer service here. In fact, I am writing an ebook about my online bankruptcy experiences to share with the world. Which brings me to my question for you, do you have an affiliate program here?

- Mae S., Okmulgee, OK
Put the power of The
Labyrinth to work for you.

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I filed my bankruptcy papers today and everything went smooth I have a sheriff's sale scheduled for Oct.5. I ask the clerk if filing stops the sale and she advised me to contact the attorneys on the forclosure[sic] case. I did and it went smooth. My question is do I need to contact all my creditors and let them know? Please let me know at your earliest convenienc[sic]. Thank you.

- Owen C., St. Louis, MO
I went to my trustee hearing this week, and everything went smoothly as you said it would I only need to get the information from you about repairing my credit after the discharge.

- Audrey D., Anniston, AL
I paid for you to do my bankruptcy papers. Everything went smoothly, even better than I thought.

- Abigail N., Columbia, SC
Hi, I used your site last year to file bankruptcy and just wanted to let you know that everything went smooth just like ya'll said . But now a friend wants to file and wanted to know if you covered the state of Arkansas. I thought it said that some states weren't covered but could not remember. Thank you , Chris W.

- Chris W., Albuquerque, NM
You deliver what you promise. My papers were accepted by the court. My Trustees Meeting was today. It lasted about 10 minutes. No creditors were there. Trustee asked if you gave legal advice. I said no. He also commented on how nicely done the papers were and asked for the name of your website! Thank you for providing a good product.

- Stu J., Fort Wayne, IN
i just wanted to email you and give some thanks for making the filing for bankruptcy much, much easier for me. i sent my completed forms in last week, and heard back today that my 341 meeting is set for 6 weeks from now, and that my fee has been waived, which was a great relief to me. i now can start looking forward to less worries about debts, and start working on the process of getting my finances back on track. thanks again!

- Tom A, Oktibbeha, MS
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