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If you need to talk to an attorney, you can.

Most people do not need to talk to an attorney let alone hire one for their bankruptcy, but if you need to talk to an attorney, you can. We provide you at no extra charge from us, access to attys who are willing to answer your questions for often less than $30 [1] and sometimes for free. (Please note that we do not receive an compensation or referral fee from the attys.)

Compared to $300 to $400 per hour attorney fees, people wonder why an attorney would accept only $20 or $30, but the answer is quite straight forward. The typical bankruptcy question is short and requires a simple answer and while $20 or $30 may seem very little, it is plenty for the little amount of time it takes the attys to answer. Also, it helps establish a new relationship for the attys that could pay off later in referrals for their other services.

Unless you have a corporation or complicated situation, you do not need even to talk to an attorney. Those who choose to talk to an attorney do so because, even though they have heard the answer to their questions from other sources, they feel better to have it confirmed by an attorney.

The main reason why an attorney is not needed in a consumer bankruptcy case is because bankruptcy is largely an administrative process, not a legal one. Unlike other court cases, there are no plaintiffs and no defendants. It is like getting a drivers license. Even though there are traffic courts and traffic judges, you do not have to deal with them in order to get a driver's license or to drive your car in traffic.

When you file bankruptcy you are not suing anyone and no one is suing you. To underscore this point, even though a judge is assigned to your bankruptcy case, you will almost never have to appear before him or her or even have the judge handle your bankruptcy behind the scenes. The judge is there just in case there is a dispute between you and a creditor. Interestingly enough, the law bars judges from being present at the trustee hearing.

If you were to hire a bankruptcy attorney for a typical consumer bankruptcy filing, your biggest surprise when it is over would be that you did not need one in the first place. In fact, most people who hire an attorney for bankruptcy report that after it is over, they feel very angry that they wasted their money on an attorney when they did not need one. They feel that their fear was exploited by the attorney who should have known better than to have charged them so much for so little.

Since there is no plaintiff or defendant and since you are not being sued, an attorney cannot represent you in a bankruptcy case. That is right! An attorney cannot represent you in front of the judge because you do not appear in front of a judge. And an attorattorneyney cannot represent you at the 341(a) trustee hearing because it is an administrative hearing, not a judicial one.

"I have had my meeting of the creditors, everything seems to be going smoothly. We did not have to amend any of our forms!! Suprisingly[sic] almost all of the people with lawyers did! Now I am looking for the information for the {...} help us get the bankruptcy removed sooner. Can you help? - Wyatt R., Tampa, FL

Because you cannot be represented by an attorney at the trustee hearing, you must make a personal appearance and answer the trustee questions by yourself. You cannot stay at home while the attorney goes to the hearing in your stead. An attorney can go to the hearing with you to advice you and to hold your hand, but by law the attorney is not allowed to nswer the trustee questions for you.

"Last week was my 341 trustee meeting and everything went smoothly as you said. They asked a couple of questions and just like that, it was over. I don't think it lasted more than a minute. Mine seemed to go better that some of the people who had lawyers. Many of them had to come back again but not me. I am glad I did not use a lawyer. I must have saved at least one grand." Raoul J, Chula Lista, CA

So what do you really get when you hire a bankruptcy attorney for the hearing? (a) You get the attorney to tell you what you already heard from other sources; (b) the attorney has his paralegal type the bankruptcy forms, and (c) in big cities, the attorney hires an appearance attorney to show up at the trustee hearing.

What is an appearance attorney? Because your attorney knows that he or she will not be allowed to speak for you at the hearing, they hire an attorney who does nothing but stay at the hearing room all day long, standing in for multiple attys.

So, while you are at the hearing waiting your turn, you will see the appearance attorney stand up with one person after another. When it is your turn, that same appearance attorney might stand up with you and say something like, "Your honor, I am Jon Doe, standing in for attorney Jane Doe." Most of the time, that is all they can say.

Appearance attys usually get paid $50 to $100 for each appearance and that is good money considering that the hearing lasts less than 5 minutes. We are all too familiar with this, having arranged for and coordinated the schedules for appearance attys who served some of the bankruptcy attys we used to support.

So here is the math:

You page your attorney $2,000 ...........................................................    

Your attorney pays staff to prep docs $200 .............................................................    

Your attorney hires an appearance attorney for $100.............................................................   

attorney keeps ..............................................     





attys are most valuable when there are serious legal issues such as for a corporate business. In such cases, they do what they are best at, which is legal consultation, not typing a list of bills. This is why most persons do not need an attorney in court.

If you need to talk to an attorney though, you can.

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[1] We do not recieve any compensation from them. If you decide to use any of the attys or other third parties we provide you access to, we are not in any way responsible for the outcome of your dealing with them. Since we have no control of these professionals, any third party price estimates on this site are based on past third party representations and do not constitute a representation by us that you will get the same prices.





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Jackie M., Los Angeles, CA

Amount discharged: $37,483.00
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Reason: Credit cards, medical bills.
Discharge on: July 24th
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Comments: "I got into debt when my husband took ill. It wiped out our savings and when I went from full time to part time, it was unbearable. We never thought we would file but now that it is over, I cannot imaging still living as we did. We can now stop and smell the roses...Thanks for being there when we needed you." - Jackie M. Los Angeles, CA

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I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw thw[sic] documents ready email. my 75 yr. old mom is breathing a small sigh of relief knowing i can get this done before my court appearance next week. - P.C., Harrisonburg, VA
THANK YOU!!! I filed bankruptcy papers less than a week ago, received the date for the creditors hearing already. must admit I was scared, but so much stress has been lifted from me more attorneys threatning[sic] me anymore!! have a few friends who will use your company now, wanted to wait until they saw how I made out..again..thanks so much for your help!! BA

- Belladonna, Gulfport, MS
I'm very impressed with your level of expertise and customer service here. In fact, I am writing an ebook about my online bankruptcy experiences to share with the world. Which brings me to my question for you, do you have an affiliate program here?

- Mae S., Okmulgee, OK
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I filed my bankruptcy papers today and everything went smooth I have a sheriff's sale scheduled for Oct.5. I ask the clerk if filing stops the sale and she advised me to contact the attorneys on the forclosure[sic] case. I did and it went smooth. My question is do I need to contact all my creditors and let them know? Please let me know at your earliest convenienc[sic]. Thank you.

- Owen C., St. Louis, MO
I went to my trustee hearing this week, and everything went smoothly as you said it would I only need to get the information from you about repairing my credit after the discharge.

- Audrey D., Anniston, AL
I paid for you to do my bankruptcy papers. Everything went smoothly, even better than I thought.

- Abigail N., Columbia, SC
Hi, I used your site last year to file bankruptcy and just wanted to let you know that everything went smooth just like ya'll said . But now a friend wants to file and wanted to know if you covered the state of Arkansas. I thought it said that some states weren't covered but could not remember. Thank you , Chris W.

- Chris W., Albuquerque, NM
You deliver what you promise. My papers were accepted by the court. My Trustees Meeting was today. It lasted about 10 minutes. No creditors were there. Trustee asked if you gave legal advice. I said no. He also commented on how nicely done the papers were and asked for the name of your website! Thank you for providing a good product.

- Stu J., Fort Wayne, IN
i just wanted to email you and give some thanks for making the filing for bankruptcy much, much easier for me. i sent my completed forms in last week, and heard back today that my 341 meeting is set for 6 weeks from now, and that my fee has been waived, which was a great relief to me. i now can start looking forward to less worries about debts, and start working on the process of getting my finances back on track. thanks again!

- Tom A, Oktibbeha, MS
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